Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mint Box

Here's another decorated Altoids tin that I have made this summer! This one, however, is a present for a friend. :)


This is another stamped collage, colored with Prismacolor pencils. I distressed the edges with "Vintage Photo" Distress ink and highlighted some parts with Stickles glitter glue. To make the coffee look liquid, I added Diamond Glaze over the brown in the cups. :) I couldn't get it to come out well in the photo, but you can kinda see its gloss in the cup that's on the right. :)


Just like with the previous box I've made, the bottom is just a stamped collage of flowers, colored with Prismacolor pencils and the edges were distressed with the same Distressed ink like on the collage for the top.

Here's a better photo of how the ribbon looks from the front of the box:

I spent two days looking for the bottom ribbon! For some unknown reason there were no brown and pink ribbons that would fit this size. :/ So, I ended up using two ribbons... A pink one with black polka dots and a gorgeous brown transparent one with swirls on it.. I think it came out well :) But hunting for ribbons is definitely a hard job.. lol

I meant this box to continue serving as an Altoids mint box, so I just stuck the original mints back in there, and the original paper, too. (I saved them in Ziplock baggies so they don't get damaged.) And since a mint box isn't something people usually keep safe on a shelf.. But rather something one would throw in a purse/ bag/ backpack.. I have also made a little purse for the box so it doesn't get damaged :)

(On the inside, it's baby blue velvet.)

As easy as this little bag looks, it still managed to give me a little trouble! lol My sewing machine is at a friend's house 2 hours of driving away, and I got lucky that I was going to visit them this past weekend, so I didn't have to hand-sew the little bag. Well, I could have, but the quality and speed are so much better with a sewing machine ;) But... I totally forgot the pedal from my machine stayed at home in LA!.. So I had to run the poor machine with my hand. Not sure if that's good for it.. But I really needed to get this done. :/ So... The machine and I struggled for a few hours, and this is result :D I like it, and it fits the box (yay!), so it was totally worth the time and effort. :)

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