Monday, January 31, 2011

Snowy Spiderman

Today, my post is actually not about a card :) It is a snow globe with a Spiderman trapped in it! I started it a year ago, as a Christmas present for a friend who loves Spiderman. But it did not work out that time... :( I told my friend I'd remake it, and took it back. But I haven't gotten around to actually doing that up until this January, and I had to remake everything from the beginning, too. Here it is! :)

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Basically, I bought the most spherical jar I could find at Ralphs (it was mustard lol), and I visited a comic bookstore to get the smallest realistic-looking Spiderman figurine I could find (it is about 6 cm tall (~2.5 in.)). Some super-glue to stick the Spiderman onto the lid, and voila! :)

The liquid inside is water and glycerin with glitter sprinkled into it, I didn't measure proportions. I poured the glycerin in until the glitter was coming down slowly, in a snow-like fashion.

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The ribbon and snowman picture are there to cover-up the mustard jar origins... ;) I actually put two ribbons on top of each other, because the red one was too transparent.

I noticed some air was coming in after I have already super-glued the jar closed... To prevent more air from coming in, I put a few layers of Beacon's 3-in-1 glue on the boundary between the jar and the rim of the lid.

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This is just some stamping with Distress inks, coloring in with Prismacolor pencils, and distressing the result. :) The little stars are not a separate stamp... They are the "dot" on the letter i in "chill" from the Hero Arts Create Your Own (Snowman) set. I was just very careful to ink just the part that I needed. ;)

The next picture shows how the jar and the bubble that ended up forming inside act as two lenses (or "magnifying" glasses). (The actual figurine is smaller than what it appears to be in these pictures.)

First, the jar enlarges the Spiderman, and then the bubble reduces the Spiderman in size... That bubble really irritated me up until I saw this. :) ...So, yes, I have to admit, I am a nerd! I am in college right now, and pretty much all of my classes are physics.. And they've corrupted me into seeing physics is most everything! :D

Pretty cool, no? :)

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That's it, hope you enjoyed it! :)

Products I used:
  • Stamps: Hero Arts - Create your own (snowman); Recollections - Celebrate the season
  • Inks: Distress - vintage photo, worn lipstick, broken china, barn door
  • PrismaColor pencils
  • Faerie Glass dewdrops; Art Glitter - Sahara
  • Super glue, Beacon's 3-in-1 glue
  • Glycerin (can buy at a drugstore, like CVS)
  • White modeling clay (on the inside of the lid, to make it seem like Spiderman is standing in snow), but you can't see it in the pictures

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