Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mouse Pendulum Clock

Hello! :) This project is unrelated to stamping.. It was for one of my classes. But I thought it was cool enough to be blogged about, too. :)

It's a pendulum clock (like a tiny grandfather clock). But it doesn't actually show time, it only ticks for about a minute and stops. You have to wind it up again for it to start ticking again. You can see a video of it here. :)

Here is the front:
*click on the image to enlarge*

The mouse was inspired by a picture online, and then the wheel and the mouse were cut out from a sheet of acrylic with a laser (on a machine we have at school). It was so cool to watch how a tiny laser light moves around, and the acrylic gets cut where the light passes! :D 

The colored lines were etched (also with the laser) and then filled in with acrylic paint. Eyes and nose were simply drawn on with the paint. :)

And this is the back, you can see the weight midway as it goes down:

*click on the image to enlarge*

That would be all! Hope you liked the random stamping-less post. :) Thanks for visiting!

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